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Name:Danny Rand
Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
“A child, touched by fire, delivered from heaven, to be our greatest warrior. Destined for victory.”

Danny Rand is a man in his mid-twenties. He has blonde hair and currently wears a beard. He stands at six feet and weights around one hundred and seventy pounds. His physique is well toned and that of a martial artist. He naturally moves with a light step and perfect balance. His martial arts training is so ingrained that he is ready to fight or dodge at any moment, and tends to breath from low in his torso.

He also has a ready smile and likes to meet new friends.

Danny is a highly trained martial artist, specializing in kung fu and its many styles. He is one of the best martial artists in his world.

Due to his defeating the dragon Shou-Lao, Danny's chi (life or energy force) is now infused with the dragon's as well. This grants him several super human abilities, all of which are tied to the amount of his chi he has available. His chi can be reduced with exhaustion, negative emotions such as shame or guilt, and attacks or poisons that block chi. If you feel your character might be able to block Danny's chi, please contact the mun before doing so.

Abilities granted by the chi are:
Super human strength - When Danny invokes the chi, most easily into his fist at this point, his strength becomes drastically increased. In one instance he punched a steel, security door and its frame out of a concrete wall. Later in the series, he punched the ground which resulted in a concussive wave that knocked many enemies off their feet and caused massive damage to the entire floor of the office building he had been on. He was also able to free himself from handcuffs using the iron fist.

Invulnerability - Where ever the dragon chi is focused, that part of Danny is invulnerable, or at least nearly so. He has deflected bullets, broken handcuffs, and shattered swords.

Healing - Using the manifested chi, Danny not only healed someone who'd been poisoned, but instantly healed a bullet wound to his hand. (Danny won't discover this until later in canon.)

Reflexes - While manifesting the iron fist, Danny was able to deflect a bullet with his fist.

All of the above abilities only are possible when Danny is manifesting the dragon chi. However, the heightened chi has other effects to his body. He recovers from exhaustion and wounds much quicker, as well as having a higher tolerance to drugs and poisons. His reflexes are fast (though they can be increased to super human levels) and he can take brutal hits only to be stunned instead of knocked out.

He also was able to calm a guard dog, so I guess animal empathy? I haven't quite figured out how to handle this and it only happened once in canon. I may just ignore it.

Danny Rand is from Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist and thus belongs to Marvel Television, ABC Studios, and Devilina Productions (at leastthose are the folks who produced the series). Account is for happy, pretendy funtimes in Milliways Bar, not profit. I do not own the character and make not claims as such.

I realize Iron Fist has many problematic elements and I do mean to address them as well as try and have Danny learn how bad his behaviors are. I've made a post outlining my understanding of the problems of the show and how I mean to address them (LINK), be warned there are spoilers. I realize I am likely to have missed some element and so welcome any who would like to offer any comments to the show or my plans or even my play at the linked post. Comments are screened to maintain anonymity.
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